1. Find Your Why? - You want to burn fat, feel better, live longer, or all of them. Whatever your reason, find it and be clear about it, it will help you stick to the plan along the way.

  2. Fasting Methods - Some of these include fasting for 16 hours and having your meal in a timeframe of 8 hours (16:8),  twenty hours fast and 4 hours to eat your meals (20:4), One meal a day (OMED), Ketogenic diet, consuming than 25-50g of carbohydrates a day (KETO), 3 days no food and only water, 5 days no food and only water, etc. Fasting is a lifestyle, not a race, so start slowly and gradually build your tolerance. Increase your fasting window by 1h every week, until you reach ideally the 16:8 format (16 hours fast, 8 hours feeding window). From there you can then experiment with the different lengths of fasting.

  3. KETO or not? - While many people decide to implement a ketogenic diet, that is not a must if you still want to benefit from the positive effects of fasting. Many people eat a "standard" diet during their feeding window.

  4. Your Meals - Ideally your last meal before fasting should be higher in proteins and lower in refined sugars. This way you will be more energetic and less likely to experience sudden hunger spikes during your fast.

  5. Supplementation - A well planned supplementation strategy definitely makes a big difference. Make sure to check out our products to get the most out of your fasting.  




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