Meditation & Fasting

Similar to meditation, fasting has often been associated with gaining mental clarity and relief among many other benefits. To maximise the benefits for both your mental and physical health, it’s helpful to practice meditation and fasting simultaneously.

Getting started

Both fasting and meditation take some practice to make them a part of your routine. Just like you experiment with fasting, you can experiment with meditation, building up the amount of time you dedicate to both. Some people find it helpful starting out to just meditate for a couple of minutes each day. Once you get used to it as a part of your routine, you can build it up to 30 minutes or one hour per day (you can break this up into smaller snippets as needed).

Some people feel like they aren’t ‘meditating right’. However, it’s normal to need time to get used to the stillness of meditation. If you find your thoughts still racing or you have difficulty concentrating on the meditation practice, stick with it!

The more you practice, the easier it will become and the more impact it will have on your body - just like fasting.

The common benefits of fasting and mediation together

 Weight Regulation

Fasting is commonly used as a way to regulate weight. Practising meditation and mindfulness can help you succeed in your fasting periods by making you more aware of your thoughts and working to relax your mind so that you can overcome any cravings you have for food.

Aside from that, practising meditation while fasting can help you to become a more conscious eater in the stints you can eat. You may experience a deeper sense of awareness and a greater want to take care of your body by nourishing it with the right foods. Naturally, this also helps you to achieve your weight goals.

Improved Memory

When you fast and meditate together, you will reach a deeper state of mental clarity.

 This mental clarity can help you to focus better and improve your overall memory as your attention span is more in tune during a learning moment. 

It’s important to note that the impacts on your memory will take time, and will not be evident early in your fasting/meditation journey. However, once you commit to practising meditation for around 30 minutes each day, while in a steady routine of fasting, you will see this benefit take shape. 

Immune System Boost

Fasting helps boost your immune system as you allow your body to rid the toxins building up. This means your body is better capable of fighting diseases and staying healthy. Meditation has also been known to help boost your immune system or heal from any issues arising in your body. When done in combination, your immune system gets the rest, relaxation and cleanse it needs to keep on fighting further illnesses. 

Better Sleep

Fasting and meditation help to reduce stress, anxiety and, in turn, insomnia - all of which result in a better, longer period of rest each night.

When you fast, your heart rate slows and your blood pressure lowers, this may help you to breathe calmer. Similarly, meditation helps you to relax and relieve the tensions building in your body, disrupting your sleep. When you meditate and fast together, many people report having a better sleeping cycle, feeling more energised and healing quicker from illnesses.

Meditation Tips When Fasting 

  • Start with short meditations and build up how long you meditate with time
  • Don’t give up! Meditation takes practice
  • Choose a time of the day when you have the most cravings for food, use meditation as a way to control those cravings and gain some peace
  • Work with guided meditations, there are so many to choose from online
  • Practice your breathing as described in the meditation
  • If you need to meditate a couple of times per day, do it! You can’t meditate too much during a fast
  • Use meditation as a distraction. When you feel your mind wander, refocus it with meditation
  • Allow your mind to wander, then refocus it on the meditation - this will lead to the best results
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