Hello and welcome to Bio-Fasting!

You are probably wondering who we are and what we do.

We are two Italian brothers, in case you are wondering yes, we are the exact stereotype you have in mind, we eat pasta, pizza and gelato, talk really loud and move our hands a lot, this is us.

Allow us to introduce ourselves:


Master in Immunology & Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Personal Trainer Certification

Emanuele spent most of his working career helping clients get into their best shape, whilst travelling around the world.

 Transforming bodies with training, fasting, natural supplements and nutritional guidance.



Italian TV chef and restaurant entrepreneur 

 Simone spent his career cooking delicious, natural, self-grown food for his clients. 

Transforming a seed into a nutritional masterpiece.


Since we started intermittent fasting five years ago, we've noticed a lot of benefits. Emanuele has been encouraging his clients to switch to an intermittent fasting protocol ever since. The results were amazing, but not without struggles.

It occurred to him that most people have the same challenges, which could prevent them from turning fasting into a sustainable lifestyle. 

Among these are hunger, cravings, overeating, lack of a support group that shares your habits, lack of knowledge and a wrong supplementation regimen. 

Our whole reason for creating Bio-Fasting is to create the first fully dedicated intermittent fasting brand, to join our expertise together and put them at your service to help you through these challenges, with a support community, by providing you with the knowledge and by providing supplements made of the highest quality natural ingredients.

Our promise to you is to use only the finest ingredients and to always look for a real human connection.

Happy fasting!

Emanuele and Simone

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